Sunday, August 6, 2006

Some People Can't Handle the TRUTH - Purgatory, Satan's lie

I am new to blogging, and I've enjoyed starting to visit others' blogs. I thought it a pleasing and intellectual challenge to discuss some of the Catholic Church's errors (Biblically speaking) with one blogger here. I thought the blogger sounded truly more knowledgeable and more searching in God's Word than most Catholics (I speak from experience, I used to be one). But I guess I gave him a little more Truth than he could handle. He deleted my posts (after the 2nd one, which I guess was just a little TOO Bible-based for him).

It started with discussing purgatory - a blatant lie perpetrated by the Vatican which has absolutely NO Biblical base whatsoever!

As I pointed out in my first post, Jesus, on the cross said to the thief which believed in Him in Luke 23:43 "today you shall be with Me in Paradise". We know nothing about this thief except we can surmise his sins were so heinous as to warrant crucifixion...a method of killing by means of torture devised by the Romans and reserved for their worst criminals. So the thief in question was, shall we say, a REALLY bad guy! He didn't have time to get down off the cross, go light some candles, or go to a confessional to have a priest absolve him of his sins before he could go to Paradise.

His belief that this Man on the cross next to him was INDEED the Christ, the Messiah which had been sent to save his own people, is what got him a ticket to Paradise. That IS ALL IT TAKES. No deeds, tithing, good works etc. will help you get there, only Jesus. I've heard it said "this was the thief's greatest theft of all, he stole heaven" context, the speaker ment he got himself that ticket to Paradise just in the nick of time.

Jesus said in John 14:6 "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me".

For his belief in Jesus, He said, the thief would be in Paradise TODAY...............NOT after some time in purgatory, NOT after a few masses, prayers or petitions, NOT after much money had been donated to the church, or some other good works done on his behalf, but TODAY.........AS SOON AS HE DIED. Now according to the Vatican, the Catholic church, the thief's family would have to have some purgatory masses, etc. to pray that he get out of there and go to heaven. There is NO BIBLICAL base for this.

So who do you choose to believe? God's Word?, the Bible? Or some ludicrous, man-made fiction?

I welcome any comments here which can show me any Bible verses..............DON'T be quoting me what bishops or councils or popes have said, as the blogger I mentioned above did. Show me Scripture, that is the ONLY thing I we can Truthfully consider.

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