Saturday, November 16, 2013

Barkley Dog Sweater (FINAL)

The final version of the Barkley Dog Sweater pattern is now finished. I have gone to great pains to edit and perfect it with the help of my awesome testers! Thank you to all!

Download it FREE:
Barkley Dog Sweater

The original sweaters were designed for Abbie & Lizzie, two Pug pups (below) by some friends, I made them to be slightly oversized at time of gifting because I know the girls are growing quickly. Their parents sent me this, their first picture wearing their new sweaters :D (below) and added "Abbie loved hers so much that she went after the sweater after we removed it."

Many people on Ravelry were eager to get this pattern, and since winter is already upon us, I am releasing it as is, and plan to edit only to add an XXS size for tiny dogs such as Chihuahuas.

Lizzie (L) and Abbie (R) wear their new, especially made sweaters by the author. 


  1. I tried to download the pattern but got nowhere. Is there a better link for it?

    1. Did you finally get it? Sorry for the trouble. I will email you the pattern, or contact me on Ravelry (click the 'projects' button on the post above to contact me there.

  2. Hello, I would really like to make your YHWH scarf for my husband for Christmas. I am unable to download the PDF file. Is it possible to send the PDF to my email? I have sent you a PM on Ravelry with my email. Thanks in advance and God bless.

  3. They look adorable!! I love their sweaters and it looks perfectly good on them. I hope you have an extra small sixe for a tea cup Yorkshire terrier dog. I think my beautiful Yumi would love to have that sweater as well. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Those are adorable sweaters!

  5. Hello - I am unable to download the pattern via your link. If I PM you on ravelry with my email address, could you please send it to me?

    Thank You!

  6. I have tried to download this dog sweater pdf file and like previous lady Icant get it either. Maybe something wrong with your site/link

  7. I don't understand the directions at "Separate knitting and knit back of sweater flat". Help!