Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Scripture According to John Hagee

I stopped watching John Hagee a long time ago when he started with his false teachings. Today I came across him by chance and in JUST a few minutes heard SEVERAL errors. I didn't know they were errors until I went to the Scriptures for each one, as Acts 17:11 tells us to do. BE DISCERNING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topic: The Mystery of the Prayer Shawl (offer 1144) broadcast 9/20/12:

• Jesus in resurrecting the girl in Mark 5:41 in saying "Talitha kum" refers to the Talit (another name for Tzitzit (the Jewish prayer shawl). NOT TRUE!!!!!!!! Talitha is the girl's name or could mean 'maiden'!!!!!! (look it up in Strong's Concordance G5008)

• Elijah in 1 Kings 17:17-24 in resurrecting the widow's son wraped the Tzitzit around his hands (signifying taking hold of the name of Jehovah). NOT IN SCRIPTURE!!!!!!!!

• We will speak Hebrew in Heaven (citing Acts 26:12-14). I do believe that is a possibility; however, that passage BY NO MEANS refers to that!!!!!!!!!!!

When did John Hagee start making up so much false Scripture? I haven't watched him for years, since he started preaching falsehood. The few minutes I watched today reaffirmed that decision.


  1. What I want to know is, Scripture is so incredibly wonderful, it is amazing, it is more than I could ever describe in a lifetime, so why do people think they can still add to it and make it better somehow? Why would they even want to?

  2. I have watched Hagee arduously for over 20 years. One Sunday morning, I saw him using the baphonet hand signal. It bothered me but I ignored it. Then he started doing this more and more, and it began to bother me more and more, so I stopped watching him. It takes a concerted effort to form your hand in this manner; it cannot be dismissed as accidental. Also, he stated once that he was "a Zionist through and through." As much as I love the Jews, I contend that you cannot be a fundamental Christian and a Zionist at the same time. I have also heard him say that "Jesus did not claim to be the Messiah." This is blatantly incorrect. He asked his disciples, "Whom do you say that I am." Peter answered "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God." The whole point of Jesus incarnation was to come to the Jews first as the Messiah. After he died and rose again, he told his disciples to spread the Gospel to the entire world before He ascended back to His Father. In order to be born again and saved, everyone must accept Christ as their personal savior. Why leave the Jews out? Missionaries go to India and other countries, facing death as they present the Gospel to these people. Why should the Jews be excluded from evangelization, even if they won't accept Yeshua as the true Messiah? If the Jews didn't need to believe Jesus was their Messiah, what was the purpose of the ordination of the Apostle Paul? He sure didn't get his head chopped off for naught! He preached this gospel to the Jews and the Gentiles. Another thing I find that is eerie is that when he promoted his new book "Four Blood Moons", the sub-slogan is whispered "Something is about to change." Wouldn't it be more feasible to say "Something is about to happen?" "Change" is a socialistic concept. I have also seen him, while preaching, put his hands on his head, making the horn sign. One has to make a concerted, executive decision to do this. And I have to admit, it looked pretty scary. I purchased the book and a poster came along with the book. I put the poster on my wall, and shortly thereafter, started having horrible nightmares. When it occurred to me that there may be something off-kilter about this ministry, and especially CUFI, I took the poster down and the nightmares ceased. My premise is that if you love Jesus Christ, you don't appease another group of people by keeping your mouth shut about Him at seminars and meetings because another group doesn't accept Him. If Hagee has no bones about making strong public statements against other groups who won't accept our Lord Jesus Christ as the one and only TRUE Messiah, why eliminate the Jews? The Jews are God's chosen people, and there is only ONE covenant -- the one established with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There was no other covenant established, only a mandate that the Gospel be preached to the entire world after Jesus' resurrection. They deserve a chance to hear the truth, even if they won't accept it.

  3. Interestingly enough, during that episode they were selling...excuse away prayer shawls for a minimum donation of $35.00. I don't understand how more than 20,000 people could clap in validation of the statements he was making about Elijah, Jesus, and the so called prayer shawl.