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Exposing Error / Teaching Truth Ministry Resources

Reposted with permission from G.G.

This is a compilation of many online ministry resources I have discovered in my research on the New Apostolic Reformation. In this endeavor i have discovered many outstanding teachers, so this has much more to offer than just exposing that which is false. Much edification here on that which is true by the Word of God as well. ... Movements exposed include the NAR, Kansas City Prophets/ IHOP, Rick Joyner of Morningstar, Toronto Blessing, Brownsville Revival, and Lakeland [Todd Bentley] All these fall under False Revival or LATTER RAIN for this document, Also WoF, Seeker Sensitive, Purpose Driven, Contemplative Prayer, and Emergent. Many of these movements overlap, and many of the ministry resources touch on all of them. NOTE: Latter Rain is term for a movement in the 1940's that birthed both the NAR, WoF and False Revival of today. ... Because many of my links either are multi topical, or are mixed in order. I will abbreviate which heresy is the focus with each ... Some sites have collections and or links to many others, and they are primarily like a database. With these, some links are very good, some are questionable. One still needs disernment in reviewing each article. One always needs discernment, but most of the sites I will list are maintained by just one person or team who cntrol all content themselves. These sites are only people I have come to trust for overall sound doctrine. Some contriutors are themselves pentecostal or charismatic, but do not subscribe to the office of modern day apostolic or prophetic office. Some are full cessationist regarding the gifts. I myself am a partial cessationist. I consider the belief on spiritual gifts a non essential doctrine. I find there can be particular value, however, when one who is themselves pentecostal or charismatic, still speak against the false signs and wonders movement, because we can know it is not due to a bias against ALL supernatural things. Therefore, their critique will be based more on the fruit of the thing itself ... ... FIRST: PEOPLE TELLING YOU NOT TO JUDGE? Scripture to answer them with: >>>> ... Sermon and scripture to answer them with: Judge Not? J Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries. >>>> ______________________________________________________________________ NAR, WOF, False Revival. other heretical movements I endorse this man with confidence Most articles were written by him, some by others, all very sound Archives of The Plumbine Newsletter, Orrel Steinkamp . ______________________________________________________________________ General, Israel, prophecy, as well as doctrinal issues David Reagan of Christ in Prophecy on TV Ministry page, with articles, and other media. Outstanding! _______________________________________________________________________ General Jackie Alnor. Apostasy Alert. Another very good sourcs of articles. ______________________________________________________________________ False Revival. This specific link primarily focuses on the false revival Good collection of many articles by many authors. . ______________________________________________________________________ All False Movements, plus Exceptionally sound teaching and commentary on many Christian issues. Critical Issues Commentary Bob DeWaay. I cannot say enough good about this site. Bob DeWaay does not just expose error but throroughly teaches the truth in opposition to that error. His work has truly blessed me. Unfortunately he is no longer active in ministry but his host church maintains this archive in good order. ______________________________________________________________________ In connection with the above, here is a resource link from Bob DeWaay's parent church. If I lived in Minnesota, I would know where a good church was. . _________________________________________________________________________ NAR, False Revival, Unbiblical Doctrines, Teachings and Phenomena of the Third Wave Counterfeit Revival Movement compiled by Sandy Simpson, 1997 [single article with very much good detail] . __________________________________________________________________________ General: Deception In The Church A massive compilation on all topics, an over all outstanding resource. However not every article linked to from here is good, and not all links work. Still this is a huge resource and has much good to offer. . __________________________________________________________________________ General The ministry of Dave Hunt and T A McMahon. This is another of my all time favorite sites. Like CIC above, Many topics, very good treaching. Topics include exposure on all the false movements as well as other relevant issues. Many resources as well. Browse the site for them all. I am using the Newsletter archive link __________________________________________________________________________ General: Many articles on various heresies, and easy to find which sub catagory you are looking for. I do not agree with every link or artice here overall, but those on the history and doctrine of the NAR, False Revival, and such are informative . __________________________________________________________________________ NAR/ False Revival: Quotes from false revival leaders, including NAR, with biblical references and corrections . __________________________________________________________________________ General: Believers In Grace Bill Randles. [Many good articles on NAR, False Revival, ALSO many good aticles on Israel. He writes like a Pastor, and is one.I personally like Bill Randles alot. Pentecostal but not a whack job. Strong on Messianic issues as well as focus on NAR and False Revival _________________________________________________________________________ History on Latter Rain, False Revival E-book from above author: 'Weighed and Found Wanting" [a history compilation, e-book by Pastor Bil Randles] _________________________________________________________________________ General: Great resource. Many articles teaching the truth about many errant doctrines. . _________________________________________________________________________ Eastern Regional Watch Treasure Trove on Discernment. This is a HUGE collection ALOT on NAR, False Revival, WoF and other heresies. Constantly updated. Good resource. page from above for NAR Dominionism specific articles: . _______________________________________________________________________ General: Discernment, Contemplative Spiritual Research Network Chris Lawson. [This is a site I just discovered from an article linked either from my FB News Feed or in the CIP forum.- cant recall which now, as I get alot of duplication- For that reason I cannot vouch fully for or against, as I've not looked at enough yet, but it seems a good resource. For now I will include it and update my doc noting either more favor or removal as needed.] _______________________________________________________________________ General: Moriel Minitries James Jacob Prasch All sorts of good stuff. A bit to navigate to find what you want, but gold takes work to mine for Very good teaching and other resources. False beliefs are addressed, but more focus on Israel, Midrash, understanding the Word from Hebrew perspective. Messianic Jewish perspective. There are many offshoots, through Moriel Missions, Be Alert, a newsletter, and other resources. This is one of my top three favorite sites, worth the navigation hedache. . _______________________________________________________________________ False Doctrine, also Messianic Jewish Perspective articles. Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell Another multi service resource. Very sound . _______________________________________________________________________ False Revival: A look at the continued influence of the Latter Rain Heresy, Part 1 [Part 2 links at end of part 1] . ________________________________________________________________________ NAR Resource directory specific to NAR, includes affiliated names and organizations NOTE: This is a left wing org who opposes the Christian Right. I absolutely do NOT endorse them. I do agree however with their concern over Dominionism, although I am confident our reasons for opposition are quite different. Ther primary concern seems to be over the political agenda of Dominionism. Although they expose the false poitical dominionist ambitions of the NAR, they are unable to discern true Christianity from Heresy. . _______________________________________________________________________ General, including emergent, contemplative Lighthouse Trails Research Project Roger Oakland Another multi service and good site. Some items for sale, many free resources From the Lighthouse: Blog of Roger Oakland ________________________________________________________________________ General: Deep Biblical Teaching Koinonia House. Ministry of Chuck and Nancy Missler Multi service site including sales. I can vouch that the expositional commentary's for sale are well worth every penny. I have never seen anyone dissect the Word as deeply as Chuck Missler does, and pull as many nuggets out of it. You will be more pursuaded that the Bible is God breathed, not just in thought but every last letter, every time you listen to one of his expositional commentaries. Although the commentaries are spendy, they are not over priced for what one gets, for example 89 dollars for a full 24 hours of quality DVD video, including notes. 24 hours is alot of DVD. This site also has many fee resources and articles, as well as newsletter subscriptions available. . __________________________________________________________________________ Later Rain, False Revival Joel's Army Jewel Grewe Link to PDF Free book. Good General: Discernment Ministries. A very good collection of works. The book nolted above is from this site. The Herescope blog below also is affiliated. This is a very credible source of good information on much going on in the church today. . __________________________________________________________________________ Nar, General Herescope An enjoyable and detailed blog, features alot on the NAR, but not exclusively.Not too difficult to follow related topics, without just having to blindly scroll backwards by date. I have been very pleased with the soundness found here by the various contributors __________________________________________________________________________ Grace to You General Multi service site of John MacArthur. I cannot say enough good things abot the sound teaching of John MacArthur, there is also a blog link from this main site. . __________________________________________________________________________ General Good collection of articles __________________________________________________________________________ General: Crossroads Berit Kjos. Collection of good aticles by many . __________________________________________________________________________ Emergent Sandy Simpson Specific article capturing quotes of Emergent leaders . __________________________________________________________________________ General Eric Barger Take a Stand many good resources __________________________________________________________________________ NAR Direct Quotes from C Peter Wagner, chief false apostle ___________________________________________________________________________ NAR, Dominiosm "Kingdom Theology" Part 1 of 3 part article by Al Dager Very comprehensive. One of the better of all the links I have on this. Parts 2 ad 3 link at bottom of this page ___________________________________________________________________________ General Apprising Ministries Ken Silva many articles, very solid. relation to the above:"What Is Dominiosm"Specific clear ansd concise article explains it well. ____________________________________________________________________________ General: A Time of Departing Minisry page of Ray Yungen ____________________________________________________________________________General: Stand Up for the Truth. This is a radio ministry with programs exposing many heretical movements today. The website also has articles and other resources.I learned of this ministry through Amy Spreeman, who joined our Chriist in Prophecy Forum Her site has also been endorsed by the Christ in Prophecy team, specifically Nathan Jones. _____________________________________________________________________________ False Revival: VIDEO KUNDALINI WARNING Andrew Strom John the baptist TV I do not fully endorse Andrew Strom. I credit him for coming OUT of this false movement and renouncing it. I credit him also for preaching repentence and the cross, and last I credit him for exposing this Kundalini warning. I know this is important to him. I cannot fully endorse him, as he still holds to some odd ideas, but I can comfortably regard him a full brother in the faith. I trust God will finish what He has began, in totally seperating Anderw from this false ideology. That said, I do fully endorse his effort in the Kundalini Warning. _______________________________________________________________________________ Voddie Baucham

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