Monday, October 31, 2011

PupPee Sheila Knit Diaper

Girl diapers are harder to keep on the body than boy ones, since the fabric must go under the body and up the back they tend to slide off. I created a new girl diaper, I'm calling it the 'Sheila' as that is the Aussie word for girl, to differentiate from the original PupPee Girl Knit Diaper. This one starts with a belly "band" similar to the boy diaper, thus tends to slip less. 


  1. OH MY GOSH, so dang cute! Now I want to learn to crochet, only I have a mastiff/lab mix. I think I will need a lot of yarn... sheesh, do they even make that much? (mostly due to the mistakes I would make. hehehe) Thanks luci love! I love this site and will be here often. muah! Michelle on FB

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments. Even big dogs tend to turn incontinent as seniors, I wish I ha these when my 12 year old German Shepherd did! Shouldn't take too much yarn, 3 balls of cotton I'd guess without seeing the dog. If you make it please post on Ravelry so I can put photo on the pattern page, it seems mostly people make tem for smaller dogs.

  3. Hi - how do I get this pattern? When I click on 'this pattern is available for free, it just takes me to this comments page. Above the link of 'this pattern is available for free' is a green button that just says 'written pattern' and when I click on it I get routed to a search screen that talks about doing a search for 'written pattern'! How do I get your Sheila doggie diaper pattern?

    1. I will check my links. Please email me your request to and I will email you the PDF. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.