Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rapture Readying ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Rapture Readying ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Rapture Readying

Terry JamesBy Terry James

This Wednesday (December 16), The History Channel is supposed to air a program as part of its series, "The Nostradamus Effect." The topic of the program will be "The Rapture." It is the program for which I was asked to interview, and did so last June.

The program was first scheduled, according to the documentary's project co-producer, for Wednesday, December 2. It was then moved to Wednesday, December 9, and finally, I was alerted that it will be aired this Wednesday (December 16).

While the move of the program's air date is frustrating in that we must keep changing our announcement to you, it is nonetheless interesting to observe that the program's delay allows for further developments on the world and national scenes that make us know the time of the Rapture itself is drawing ever nearer - thus the title of this commentary, "Rapture Readying.."

That's exactly how I view things that have been developing for these past months. The world is readying for the Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. The fact is increasingly obvious to those who put their spiritual hearts and minds into observing the issues and events of these recent times, looking with spiritual eyes through the prism of biblical prophetic truth.


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