Thursday, July 30, 2009

The PupPee - (Boy Dog Diaper) KNIT - My First Pattern

Since I don't have a knitting blog, here's a link to my first pattern. It is for sale - 100% of proceeds going to a 501(c)3 puppymill rescue I work with.

FREE Pattern Download

V. 3 update (July 2011)

Here's the Ravelry link, if you'd like to favorite or queue it there.

As of March 2010 I've decided to make these patterns free of charge, though we ask that you help shelters and rescue organizations in whatever way you can. All the PupPee patterns were recently test knit & crocheted on Ravelry, some pattern re-writes are in the works, so look for a new version soon:

Please adopt a pet at PETFINDER.COM!

You may also help by:
  • Neuter your animals to control pet overpopulation
  • Adopting one of the many dogs & cats (current euthanasia rate due to the economy has gone up from 60% to 80% at kill shelters)
  • volunteering at a shelter or rescue
  • donate money, food, medicine, etc.
  • volunteer to foster an animal
  • look at PETFINDER.COM to find rescues & shelters near you and contact them to find out what they need.

Check out or join the PupPee group on Ravelry for updates, ideas and help.


  1. Lu,

    Are you going to see if you can enter in to a magazine? ( to sell it ? )

    ~ Susan

  2. My 2yr old border collie/lab mix is a female. Her BF is a male boxer named Otis. He's marked one of my chairs a couple of times (washable slipcovers to the rescue!). Needless to say, he's not allowed in the house unsupervised anymore. I'm going to see if your idea will re-allow him into our house so he can play w/his BF. --Barbara

  3. My 15-ish year-old former shelter dog is increasingly incontinent, as I may well be when I'm in my late 90s, which is his age in human years. I'm going to take him on what may be his last visit to my folks' place (he loves them and vice versa) and I am relieved beyond measure to have a way to protect their carpet and Mom's nerves. Thank you.