Monday, July 16, 2007

The Sinless "Happy Bible" Coming To Your Town Soon

Did I say the NIV Bible was bad? Well, it just got worse! I saw this posted by a member at the Bereans Online Forum. I copied even his signature, as it is a good one and rather fits the subject!

Subject: The Sinless "Happy Bible" Coming To Your Town Soon

The Sinless, Wrathless Bible

Positive_2Do you feel uncomfortable when you read your Bible because it talks about things like sin, God's judgement and his wrath? Don't you wish you could have a Bible that omitted all that negative and scary stuff?

You're in luck!!

Kenneth Winston Caine has created The Positive Bible. According to the publisher:

Turn to any page in this book. You will be greeted with a Biblical passage that offers hope, help, and encouragement. This collection of advice, instruction, inspiration, assurance, and wisdom, drawn from the King James, Revised Standard, New International, King James Modernized, and The Living Bible translations by scholar Kenneth Winston Caine, has the power and beauty to teach and comfort across the centuries.

Ponder just one passage or every one; browse this book at random or read it straight through. Find a problem or question in the index of more than 250 everyday life applications of scripture-from healing to living through grief to nurturing a child- and you will be directed to Biblical wisdom that speaks precisely to you, as timely and relevant to modern culture as the evening newscast. Here is your inspirational guide to the most remarkable of all books-condensed compendium of truth and knowledge that will enrich your entire family for years to come.

Ahh yes. There is nothing like making a Bible to suit your own tastes and religious notions. But wait, isn't that the very definition of apostasy?
"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."M McLuhan
"Truth comes from the Word of God. Error comes from the pulpit." Donald Grey Barnhous

1 Timothy 4:1

[ Apostasy ] But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,
1 Timothy 4:1-3 (in Context)

2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
2 Thessalonians 2:2-4 (in Context)

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