Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Power of Few Men Over Many (2 Chronicles 13-16)

The Old Testament is full of examples of small amounts of faithful men defeating a multitude. A very good thing to remember. I have been taking notes of those examples for a while now. 2 Chronicles 13:7 touches on that: faithful Judah with their 400,000 men, defeated Israel with 800,000, killing 500,000 of Israel's men. It makes no mention of Judah losing any of their own.

In v. 14:8-15 after Asa prayed a beautiful prayer (in v. 11). Judah's 580,000 men defeated the Ethiopians' 1,000,000 + 300 chariots.

15:7 we read "
be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work". That goes for everyone from executives, to janitors and housewives. Great verse to help us remember that no matter what our job in life, our PURPOSE is to live and work for.....and glorify God.

15:2 says "if you seek Him, He will LET you find Him", and after they sought Him, v. 4 states "He LET them find Him". God is there, and waiting for you to choose to seek Him. Reminds me of James 4:4 which says "do you not konw that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes HIMSELF an enemy of God". These verses really highlight the fact that our relationship with God depends on us seeking Him...........He's ready to be found if we will only seek.

This passage shows good example of the impotence of men who trust in flesh vs. the power of those who trust in God. Especially highlighting the fact that the way to perdition is to trust in self, as Israel (northern Kingdom) did in this passage. Judah (southern Kingdom) trusted in the Lord & re-dedicated themselves to Him (15:10-15) and in v. 15 it says "so the Lord gave them rest on every side". "Rest" in the OT refers to peaceful living, not laziness or short time of respite, but rather a lengthy time of peace in the land (when referring to a kingdom), or in one's own life.

16:12 Asa "became diseased in his feet....he did not seek the Lord, but the physicians". What an awesome statement! A great example of the fact that the physician is not doing his thing on his own, but it is the Lord who guides him - IF the patients seeks Him first.

We know from personal experience, what wonders can happen when the Lord guides your physician. We always pray for that.

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